Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Belated Thanksgiving Post...

I was happy to spend my second thanksgiving here in Cochabamba a few months back!

Some family pictures were taken of the Beaty's. (pre-boys!)

'E' was pretty happy to celebrate the Holiday with us!

Some of the guest getting some food!

It was a beautiful day and we opted to eat outside!

Always hard at work : )

The kids table : )

We were also wishing Tia Hannah a Happy Birthday!

The colors were in order to trick her into thinking it was a 'thanksgiving cake'!

It was lots of fun!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas with the big kids!

I got to spend Christmas day with the kids from Casa II and Casa III!

Tia Rosa and Tio David had some fun games to play with the kids!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, so we spent a lot of time outside!

Emily Booher with the two new boys on their first day at Casa II.

The Casa II kittens got a little Christmas love as well.... 

The Boohers all came over to celebrate with us! 

A local dance group sponsored our Christmas breakfast.

It was super fun and delicious! 

It was a fun and special day and I was so glad to be able to spend it with these awesome kids!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas with the Babies!

I was so glad to be in Cochabamba over Christmas for my second year in a row. 

Christmas time is always very busy here at Casa de Amor!

First, on Christmas Eve, we celebrated at the baby home. Each of our kids has a local 'padrino' or Godparent who sends them a gift on Christmas and on their birthday. The babies dressed up for the occasion in red and green and of course, hats (Though none of them seemed to understand the purpose of the hat!) and then we opened up our presents!

All of the babies in their Christmas finery! 

Eating cupcakes and playing with toys!

There were cookies, cupcakes, and hot chocolate. It was pretty great! 

Playing with the Tias. 

One of our new brothers 'E'. Trying out his new duplo set.

New little brother 'L.M.' and my baby 'Eli' trying out their new toys. 

This particular truck had lights and a song that played over and over and over and over and.......

Jen and Jake stopped by the Baby Home after their official court meeting that allowed them to bring their boys home on Christmas Eve! 

I was pretty happy for them! It was a Christmas miracle!

Brothers E and LM ended up celebrating Christmas twice since they moved over to Casa II, (the big boys home, the next morning for Christmas day!)

I was so glad to be a part of their celebration this year!

We would especially like to thank all of you who are so generous to us over the Christmas season (as well as throughout the year!). You are directly investing into the lives of each and everyone of our boys and girls!